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Workshop and assembly presses

DLH horizontal presses

DLH range presses are hydraulic presses of a four-column construction. They are especially suitable for assembly works, which they are originally designed for.

The press has got a fixed and movable plate. There is a press roller in the fixed plate. The movable plate is placed in a slide way and is adjustable. The press is controlled by a simple PLC, where you can monitor and set basic press parameters. The press motion can be enabled by a feed press roller, or nuts and screws on the columns. We can offer a special design of a press with square section columns.

Horizontal hydraulic press DLH500

Horizontal hydraulic press DLH500

CDCR, CDMR and CDSR ranges of workshop presses

In our company workstation presses have had a long tradition and at present we offer a wide range of designs, dimensions and press forces. They are significant for its user-friendly control, high operative reliability and minimum requirements for maintenance.

The presses differ according to their frame construction:

  • CDMR - H-shaped fixed frame with adjustable cross-heads
  • CDSR - O-shaped fixed welded table frame
  • CDCR - C-shaped open frame

Workshop press CDCR with pressing force 13 tons

Workshop press CDCR with pressing force 18 tons

CDC straightening presses

The CDC straightening presses are based on the standard presses of the CDC series but are furnished with a straightening table and simplified controls. These are the successors of the CDC30 presses that have been manufactured in our company since the 1950s and won many customers not only in the former Czechoslovakia but also abroad.

The models CDC30-S1 and CDC50-S1 are furnished with straightening tables with dimensions 300x1500 mm, and T-slots in the table and a 40 mm dia. hole in the piston rod serve for tool clamping. Model CDC100-S1 has a top and bottom table, both of which are provided with T-slots. An additional straightening table of up to six metres can then be mounted on the bottom table.

Straightening press CDC30-S1

Straightening press CDC50-S1

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