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Retrofitted press CBA250

We provide retrofitting of machines produced by TOS Rakovník on a regular basis. Retrofitting usually includes: hydraulic rollers repair, plate and tensioning table fixing, new hydraulics and electronic control system, safety features, wiring and new coating according to a customer´s wish.

Examples of refurbished machines

  • » CLH, TL range casting press machines
  • » CS, CSY range injection presses
  • » CBA and CBJ range hydraulic presses

Upon request, we are able to provide retrofitting other manufacturers´ machines.

Modernisation of hydraulic CBA and CBJ presses

CBA and CBJ presses have been manufactured at TOS since 1960s and originally served for Bakelite moulding. The manufactures version had the pressing force from 100 to 500 tons. These presses are still quite widespread in the Czech Republic and abroad. CBA and CBJ range presses are ideal for reconstruction to become modern and efficient moulding presses, which can compete with newly manufactured machines due to their technical specifications.

Products overview