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CJC range machines for ceramic materials pressing


CJC range presses are hydraulic presses of a four-column construction with a semi-automatic working cycle. They are designed to process cohesionless ceramic materials. They can be equipped with one or two pressing cylinders that can be in a running in opposite directions configuration. The presses can be equipped with a wide range of additional appliance, such as batching appliances, conveyors, additional hydraulic valves etc. The machine can be supplied as a fully-automated workstation.

CJC presses characteristics

  • » a robust construction
  • » a high level of safety features
  • » a pressing force up to 500 tons
  • » proportional pressing speed and pressure control
  • » quality hydraulic features by worldwide well-known manufacturers
  • » a rcontrolled by a PLC
  • » a possibility of modifications upon customer´s request

Products overview