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Laboratory presses

CJC 50

Latest novelty in our range of products lab presses is manufacturing, which can be used in the field of lab material research and powder metallurgy. The presses are developed exactly according to customer´s request and meet the most demanding requests from scientific teams of this field. We focus on extreme lab accuracy and repeatability of pressing process, the control systems are able to record and control centesimal motion of individual pressing cylinders as well as processing and storing measured data, which is meets the highest demands of modern science and research.

Examples of laboratory presses


VTK 1 press was designed for research of processing materials using HTP (High pressure torsion) technology, which combines high pressure and twisting. Using this method results in high deformation of the pressed materials.

NMT 3000

NMT 3000 press is designed for material deformation using ECAP (ECAP-Equal Channel Angular Pressing ), which is material extrusion through a square chamber. Using this method results in multiple increase of the ECAP material strength.

CJC 50

CJC 50 press is similar to CJC range presses. Nevertheless, this press is designed for bilateral pressing of samples made of ceramics powder under lab conditions.

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