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Metal and plastic forming machines

CBA universal hydraulic presses

Hydraulic press CBA 200 is used for pressing of thermosets.

Hydraulic press CBA 200 is used for pressing of thermosets.

CBA range presses are universal hydraulic presses of a four-column construction with semi-automatic or fully-automatic control. It is especially suitable for plastics pressing or metal cold moulding. Flexible design enables vast possibilities of adjustments, modifications and extensions. The CBA range models pressing force can be from 400 to 12,000 kNs. The presses can reach the speed of up to 300 mms per second.

CDC range presses

CDC range presses are hydraulic presses with an open O-shaped frame. It is especially suitable for metal surface moulding, bending, trimming, or assembly works. We also offer a special design that enables straightening or charring. The pressing force of CDC range models is from 300 to 1,200 kNs.

Straightening press CDC 100.

Universal press CDC 40.

OL range trimming presses

Trimming hydraulic presses have the trimming force of 157, 280 or 512 kNs. They are designed to remove flashes from casts or from whole sets with inflow, using cuts, puncher and their combination with cushioned parts.

Trimming press OL 51

Trimming press OL 28

CBR universal hydraulic presses

Universal hydraulic press CBR 500.

Universal hydraulic press CBR 500

Universal hydraulic CBR presses are similar to CBA presses, they differ in their frame construction. The presses are especially suitable for cold metal forming or thermoplastic, thermosets and similar applications pressing. The dimensions and parameters of the presses can be designed upon an individual customer request.

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