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Die and mould handling systems


Our offer includes several appliances for handling moulds, regardless it concerns automated mould charging into a press, mould turner, or an appliance for mould testing.

RVF mould exchange machine

Automatic appliance RVF that enables mould exchange comprises of a platform for a mould preparation, control system connected to the press system, charging pulleys and centring wedges. Carrying capacity is normally 50 tons, so the appliance is suitable for large moulds of plastic presses, especially in the automotive industry. By using this appliance, you save a lot of time that would be necessary for exchange and tempering of a mould in an injection machine. The appliance construction can be adjusted to any type of a injection machine and mould. We also offer a double version that enables controlling two presses.

TS range testing machine

The checking machine is designed for basic handling while mould maintenance or for basic mould checking, the same way as a press for scraping. Moulds, or its parts, can be separated, testing with the pressing force up to 300 kNs can be carried out, or can be tilted from 0 to 90°.

SnOK turner

SnOK turner is designed to turn moulds within the scale from 0 to 180° in both directions. Moulds can be chucked on a base plate with hydraulic clamps or bolts. Carrying capacity is 5,000 kgs. It can be especially used for mould maintenance because it is possible to clean or repair otherwise inaccessible parts through large holes in the base plate.

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