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Rakovnické tvářecí stroje s.r.o.
Rakovník Forming Machines Ltd.

Rakovnické tvářecí stroje s.r.o. was established in 1999. It followed the tradition of a former company called TOS Rakovník, whose production was focused on pressure casting machines, plastic and rubber injection presses, and hydraulic elements and units. After purchasing a part of TOS Rakovník production facilities, the company successfully took over its production and consequently expanded it as it began manufacture new hydraulic presses for ceramics, glass, and military industry. The company is a significant supplier of automated workstations for non-ferrous metal casting for automotive and electro-technical industry. One of our focuses is manufacturing machines for different technologies, such as non-ferrous casting, die, low-pressure, high-pressure, and also squeeze casting.

Our company provides designing and manufacturing of different appliances for automated or semi-automated casting machines lines, such as an appliance for cast levelling after trimming, including servicing the tool. We also offer heavy moulds conveyors that allow inserting into an injection machine as well as other handling and accessory appliances used in the field of metal casting and plastics pressing. The company is a sole owner of “TOS Rakovník” trademark.

Our offer is not limited only to manufacturing and supplying of new machines, we can provide a complete maintenance and renovation of all product manufactured not only under TOS Rakovník trademark, but also of casting machines manufactured by our competitors, for example Vihorlat Snina.

We believe that our company that is proud of its over a hundred-year tradition will be able to meet your requirements. We are ready to – hand in hand with our customers - improve and expand our business cooperation.

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